Nyx in front of an Apple store
Nyx in volleyball windbreaker holding her laptop
Nyx's Google Foobar attempt
Nyx at a park
Nyx in volleyball windbreaker holding her laptop
Nyx wearing a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. shirt
Nyx with a volleyball
Nyx on a beautiful staircase
Nyx presenting for the Youth Science Ambassador Programme
Nyx's HackathonX submission (NXpyre's alpha version)
Nyx playing solo volleyball

Nyx Iskandar

👩‍💻 About


A driven, ambitious, and inquisitive teenager passionate about computer science, research, entrepreneurship, and service-learning


+ Deep Learning

+ Web Development

+ Quantum Computing

+ Cybersecurity

+ Data Science

+ Extended Reality

+ Game Development


Striving to stay hungry and foolish and aiming to become a multi-hyphenate

💭 Experience



Lead NXpyre and develop NXpyre's web application



Organise, lead the Executive Committee of, and develop the website of TEDxYouth@RafflesInstitution


Code for Hope

Led, organised, and conducted the service-learning project to teach underprivileged students Python fundamentals


Manga Layout Analysis via Deep Learning

Innovated an integrated system of instance segmentation and optical character recognition to adapt manga into other media

Web Developer


Develop the EchoClass web application

Research Intern


Developed projects on robotic grasping and object detection with the Advanced Robotic Applications (ARA) department

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